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Preview Insect Origin Size
Preview Apocnosis striata F Zimbabwe 19 mm
Preview Bieta (Petrovitzia) guilloti M China  
Preview Clinteria atra sumatrana M Indonesia- Nias Isl. 20 mm
Preview Clinteria flavonotata vidagdoi F Indonesia- Sumatra 14 mm
Preview Diphrontis vethi SE Africa  
Preview Diplognatha gagates M+F Benin 22 mm
Preview Hadrosticta viridiflua Central America  
Preview Trichostetha albopicta M+F Rep.South Africa 17 mm
Preview Trichostetha capensis M+F Rep.South Africa  
Preview Trichostetha fascicularis M Rep.South Africa  
Preview Trichostetha signata M+F Rep.South Africa 21 mm
Preview Uloptera planata M+F Benin 9 mm

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