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Preview Insect Origin Size
Preview Mecinonota (Pseudomecinonota) elegans M+F Indonesia Sulawesi  
Preview Mecinonota (Pseudomecinonota) guyeraudi M+F Indonesia Sulawesi  
Preview Meroloba suturalis M+F - NEW Thailand  
Preview Oncosterna friderici thiburcei M Indonesia  
Preview Oncosterna taruna M    
Preview Plectrone borneensis M    
Preview Plectrone brongersnai M+F Indonesia- Sumatra  
Preview Plectrone endroedi M+F Philippinen  
Preview Plectrone polita M    
Preview Plectrone tristis    
Preview Pleuronota aenea M    
Preview Pleuronota (Macronotops) sexmaculata India  
Preview Taeniodera aurantiaca M    
Preview Taeniodera bufo F India 15 mm
Preview Taeniodera bufo M India  
Preview Taeniodera cordata M    
Preview Taeniodera dessumi Vietnam  
Preview Taeniodera egregia F    
Preview Taeniodera fenestrata M    
Preview Taeniodera fenestrata M    

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