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Preview Insect Origin Size
Preview Anacoela ebena F Indonesia-Sumatra 22 mm
Preview Anacoela ebena M Indonesia- Sumatra 22 mm
Preview Chalcothea neglecta M+F Indonesia- Sumatra 31 mm
Preview Chalcothea resplendens F    
Preview Chalcothea smaragdina M    
Preview Clerota brahma F    
Preview Clerota budda M    
Preview Clerota rigifica M    
Preview Coilodera alveata M+F Indonesia- Sumatra 25 mm
Preview Coilodera arnaudi F    
Preview Coilodera mearesi M Nepal  
Preview Coilodera miksici M Assam  
Preview Coilodera nobilis F   22 mm
Preview Coilodera nyassica F Indonesia- Sumatra 23 mm
Preview Coilodera penicillata M Thailand  
Preview Coilodera praenobilis M    
Preview Costinota decora M+F India  
Preview Eumacronota ludekingi M    
Preview Eumacronota viridicollis M    
Preview Euselates adspersa F Indonesia- Sumatra 19 mm
Preview Euselates cineracea M    
Preview Euselates furcata China  
Preview Euselates machatschkei M Indonesia-Java Isl.  
Preview Euselates neglecta F Laos 16 mm
Preview Euselates neglecta M Vietnam 15 mm
Preview Euselates perrodi F Laos 15 mm
Preview Euselates perrodi M Laos 15 mm
Preview Euselates quadrilineata M    
Preview Euselates rufipes Malaysia  
Preview Euselates rugosicollis F    
Preview Euselates rugosicollis M Malaysia  
Preview Euselates tonkinensis M    
Preview Ixorida distincta M+F - NEW Indonesia-Sulawesi  
Preview Ixorida mouhoti M+F - NEW Thailand  
Preview Ixorida philippinensis M+F Philippinen-Luzon Isl.  
Preview Mecinonota luctuosa palawanica M+F Philippinen-Palawan  
Preview Mecinonota nagaii M+F Indonesia Sulawesi  
Preview Mecinonota regia M    
Preview Mecinonota sabatieri M+F Indonesia Sulawesi  
Preview Mecinonota venerea M+F Indonesia Sulawesi  

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