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Preview Insect Origin Size
Preview Campsiura javanica F Indonesia- Sumatra 20 mm
Preview Campsiura javanica M Indonesia- Sumatra 20 mm
Preview Campsiura mirabilis M China 21 mm
Preview Chtonobius conspersus M Zimbabwe  
Preview Clinterocera anthracina M Indonesia- Sumatra 17 mm
Preview Clinterocera mandarina F Russia  
Preview Clinterocera opaca F China  
Preview Clinterocera scabrosa M China  
Preview Clinterocera spondylidea M Java Is. 20 mm
Preview Coenochilus leopoldi M Indonesia- Sumatra  
Preview Coenochilus togoensis M+F Benin 11 mm
Preview Coenochilus ventricosus M+F Benin 12 mm
Preview Cymophorus fluctifer M+F Benin 8 mm
Preview Genuchinus digitattus Mexico  
Preview Genuchinus v-notatus Mexico  
Preview Laurentiana squamulipes M+F Benin 16-18 mm
Preview Oplostomus fuligineus M+F Benin 19 mm
Preview Pilinurgus hirtus M+F Benin 8 mm
Preview Tridonia hirsutus Mexico  
Preview Trogodes rotundicollis M Rep.South Africa  

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