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Preview Insect Origin Size
Preview Poecilopharis truncatipennis F Indonesia- Key Isl.  
Preview Poecilopharis uniformis F Santa Anna Isl.  
Preview Poecilopharis uniformis M    
Preview Poecilopharis woodfordi M Fauro Isl.  
Preview Thaumastopeus agni M    
Preview Thaumastopeus floresianus M    
Preview Thaumastopeus inexpectatus glabratus M Philippinen  
Preview Thaumastopeus jampeanus M Indonesia-Jampen Isl.  
Preview Thaumastopeus lombokianus M Indonesia- Lombok Is.  
Preview Thaumastopeus longiclavus M Indonesia - Roti Isl.  
Preview Thaumastopeus westwoodi M+F Indonesia- Sumatra  
Preview Trichaulax kirbyi M Australia 22 mm
Preview Trichaulax macleayi Australia 31 mm

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