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Preview Insect Origin Size
Preview Agestrata amakarei M+F Indonesia- Siberit Isl.  
Preview Agestrata orichalca M    
Preview Allardiana bacchusi M
Preview Allardiana decorticata M Australia 15 mm
Preview Allardiana philippei M - NEW
Preview Allardiana variabilis M Australia 17 mm
Preview Anacamptorrhina iguipes F   22 mm
Preview Chalcopharis hoyoisi M Indonesia-Papua West-Irian  
Preview Clitria tibiale M Australia  
Preview Digenethle allardi F Indonesia-Papua West-Irian 26 mm
Preview Digenethle antoinei M Indonesia-Papua West-Irian 26 mm
Preview Digenethle bhascarai M+F - NEW Indonesia - Irian 17 mm mm
Preview Digenethle dechambrei M Indonesia-Papua West-Irian 26 mm
Preview Digenethle spilophora M Indonesia-Papua West-Irian 24 mm
Preview Dilochrosis flammula F Indonesia-Saparua Isl. 35 mm
Preview Hemipharis insularis M Australia 22 mm
Preview Ischiopsopha arouensis M    
Preview Ischiopsopha bifasciata M    
Preview Ischiopsopha caganeki M+F Indonesia-Papua West-Irian  
Preview Ischiopsopha ceramensis M    
Preview Ischiopsopha dives M    
Preview Ischiopsopha durvilleii M    
Preview Ischiopsopha gestroi M    
Preview Ischiopsopha messagieri M    
Preview Ischiopsopha nigriloba F    
Preview Ischiopsopha olivacea M    
Preview Ischiopsopha plana M    
Preview Ischiopsopha poggii M Solomon Isls. 28 mm
Preview Ischiopsopha ritsemae F    
Preview Ischiopsopha wallacei F    
Preview Lethosesthes nigerrima F    
Preview Lomaptera adelpha M Indonesia-Aru Isl. 26 mm
Preview Lomaptera albertisi M    
Preview Lomaptera allardi M Indonesia-Papua West-Irian 21 mm
Preview Lomaptera burgeoni M    
Preview Lomaptera gilnicki M+F Indonesia-Aru Isl. 25 mm
Preview Lomaptera humeralis M    
Preview Lomaptera macrophyla caganeki M Indonesia-Papua West-Irian  
Preview Lomaptera macrophylla M    
Preview Lomaptera pseudorufa F Indonesia-Papua West 30 mm
Preview Lomaptera pussila M    
Preview Lomaptera satanas M    
Preview Lomaptera sordida M    
Preview Lomaptera vrazi M    
Preview Megaphonia adolphinae Indonesia-Papua West-Irian 40 mm
Preview Megaphonia beccarii F Indonesia-Papua West 33 mm
Preview Microdilochrosis boumai M Indonesia - Tanimbar Isl.  
Preview Morokia benningseni F    
Preview Mycterophallus dichropus M    
Preview Mycterophallus validipes M    
Preview Mycterophallus xanthopus M    
Preview Poecilopharis bouruensis F Indonesia - Buru Isl.  
Preview Poecilopharis curtisi M - NEW Indonesia - Tanimbar Isl.  
Preview Poecilopharis femorata bicolorata M+F - NEW Indonesia-Papua West-Irian 10 mm
Preview Poecilopharis fromentae M
Solomon Isls.  
Preview Poecilopharis kerley M Solomon Isl.  
Preview Poecilopharis moana M+F Indonesia - Moa Isl.  
Preview Poecilopharis pigidialis M - NEW Indonesia- Biak Isl  
Preview Poecilopharis poggii F Indonesia-Papua West-Irian  
Preview Poecilopharis schochi - NEW Papua West  
Preview Poecilopharis truncatipennis F Indonesia- Key Isl.  
Preview Poecilopharis uniformis F Santa Anna Isl.  
Preview Poecilopharis uniformis M    
Preview Poecilopharis woodfordi M Fauro Isl.  
Preview Thaumastopeus agni M    
Preview Thaumastopeus floresianus M    
Preview Thaumastopeus inexpectatus glabratus M Philippinen  
Preview Thaumastopeus jampeanus M Indonesia-Jampen Isl.  
Preview Thaumastopeus lombokianus M Indonesia- Lombok Is.  
Preview Thaumastopeus longiclavus M Indonesia - Roti Isl.  

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