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Preview Insect Origin Size
Preview Neptunides polychrous M+F Tanzania 32 mm
Preview Neptunides polychrous manowensis M+F Tanzania 30 mm
Preview Neptunides stanley M+F Congo 34 mm
Preview Pseudodicheros nigrocyaneus F China 15 mm
Preview Ptychodesthes bicostata M Rep.South Africa 25 mm
Preview Ptychodesthes gratiosa F Tanzania 27 mm
Preview Rhamphorrhina splendens M+F Malawi 30 mm
Preview Rhamporrhina bertoloni M+F Tanzania 29 mm
Preview Rhomborrhina gigantea F    
Preview Rhomborrhina hiekei M
Preview Rhomborrhina yunnana M    
Preview Scythropesthes bicolor M Rep.South Africa 23 mm
Preview Taeniesthes specularis M+F Kenya 16 mm
Preview Taurhina longiceps M+F Cameroon 25-30 mm
Preview Taurhina nireus M+F Togo 23-26 mm
Preview Tmesorrhina alpestris M Cameroon 23 mm
Preview Tmesorrhina viridicyanea M Tanzania 20 mm
Preview Trapezorrhina (Lansbergia) albonotata M    
Preview Trapezorrhina (Lansbergia) sordida M    
Preview Trigonophorus pucholti F China  

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