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Preview Insect Origin Size
Preview Lophorrhina donckieri M Zaire 17 mm
Preview Lophorrhina macularia M Tanzania 24 mm
Preview Lophorrhina pentachordia F Congo 22 mm
Preview Lophorrhina pseudincoides M+F Congo 20 mm
Preview Lophorrhina quinquielineata M Cameroon 20 mm
Preview Mecynorhina kraatzi M+F Cameroon 42-55 mm
Preview Mecynorhina polyphemus M+F Zaire 45-65 mm
Preview Mecynorhina savagei M+F Congo 62 mm
Preview Mecynorhinella oberthueri M+F Tanzania 50 mm
Preview Mecynorhinella torquata M+F Rep.Central Africa 55-75 mm
Preview Mecynorhinella ugadensis M+F Uganda 58-75 mm
Preview Megalorrhina harrisi M+F Tanzania 42-50 mm
Preview Megalorrhina taverniersi M+F Tanzania 38-40 mm
Preview Melinesthes algoensis M+F Zimbabwe  
Preview Melinesthes umbonata M+F Rep.South Africa 17 mm
Preview Mystroceros macleay M Indonesia- Sumatra 17 mm
Preview Mystroceros rouyeri F Indonesia- Sumatra 17 mm
Preview Narycius opalus M India 28 mm
Preview Neoscelis dohrni F Mexico 20 mm
Preview Neptunides polychrous fascicollis M+F Zambia 34 mm

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