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Preview Insect Origin Size
Preview Dicronorhina cavifrons M+F Quinea 40 mm
Preview Dicronorhina derbyana carnifex M+F Kenya 26 mm
Preview Dicronorhina derbyana conradsi M Kenya 34 mm
Preview Dicronorhina derbyana M+F Mocambique 45 mm
Preview Dicronorhina derbyana oberthueri M+F Zaire 52 mm
Preview Dicronorhina micans M+F Benin 52 mm
Preview Dispilophora trivittata M+F Rep.South Africa 16 mm
Preview Euchloropus laetus M+F India 20 mm
Preview Eudicela aethiopica M+F Ethiopia 34 mm
Preview Eudicela colmanti M+F Rep.Central Africa 30 mm
Preview Eudicela cupreosutularis M+F Zaire 35 mm
Preview Eudicela darwiniana I.Coast  
Preview Eudicela ducalis M+F Zaire 45 mm
Preview Eudicela hereroensis Namibia  
Preview Fornasinius fornasinii M+F Mocambique,Kenya 45-55 mm
Preview Fornasinius russus M+F Uganda,Zaire 57-65 mm
Preview Gnorimimelus batesi M+F Cameroon 25-28 mm
Preview Goliathus albosignatus M+F Zimbabwe  
Preview Goliathus cacicus M+F I.Coast  
Preview Goliathus goliathus M+F Cameroon  

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