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Preview Insect Origin Size
Preview Amaurodes passerini M+F South Africa 33-37mm mm
Preview Argyropheggess kolbei M+F Mocambique 43mm mm
Preview Astenorrhina stanleyana M+F Congo 22-26mm mm
Preview Astenorrhina turneri F Quinea 22mm mm
Preview Bietia naxiorum M - NEW China  
Preview Bietia rudicollis M - NEW Tibet  
Preview Bietia simillima M - NEW Tibet  
Preview Brachymitra bayeri M Kenya 25mm mm
Preview Caelorrhina relucens M Mocambique 32mm mm
Preview Cheirolasia burkei M+F Tanzania 34 mm
Preview Chlorocala africana M+F Tanzania + Zambia  
Preview Chlorocala africana oertzeni M+F - NEW Kenya  
Preview Chlorocala guerini M - NEW Nigeria  
Preview Chondrorrhina abbreviata M+F Benin 18 mm
Preview Chondrorrhina picturata M Zimbabwe 15 mm
Preview Chondrorrhina tricolor M Tanzania 18 mm
Preview Compsocephalus beningseni M+F Zaire 36-45mm mm
Preview Compsocephalus dmitriewi M+F Ethiopia 30-35mm mm
Preview Compsocephalus dohertyi M+F Kenya 32-35mm mm
Preview Compsocephalus horsfieldianus czeppeli M+F Erythrea 28-35mm mm

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