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Preview Insect Origin Size
Preview Gnorimus subcostatus F Transcaucasia  
Preview Gnorimus subcostatus M Transcaucasia  
Preview Gnorimus subopacus F E.Siberia  
Preview Gnorimus subopacus viridiopacus F Japan  
Preview Gnorimus variabilis F Europe  
Preview Gnorimus variabilis M Europe  
Preview Golinca davisi M Peru  
Preview Inca besckii Brazil  
Preview Inca bonplandi F Brazil  
Preview Inca bonplandi M Brazil  
Preview Inca clathrata clathrata F Peru  
Preview Inca clathrata clathrata M Peru  
Preview Inca clathrata sommeri M Mexico  
Preview Inca pulverulenta M Brazil  
Preview Incala lineola Siera Leone  
Preview Incala proxima Gabon  
Preview Incala tristata Zaire  
Preview Incala vicina Zaire  
Preview Lasiotrichius japonicus M Japan  
Preview Myodermides lepesmei M Fernando Poo  

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