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Preview Insect Origin Size
Preview Agnorimus pictus Vietnam  
Preview Agnorimus pictus M China  
Preview Agnorimus pictus tibialis M Formosa  
Preview Agnorimus pictus yunnanus M China  
Preview Calometopus nyassae E.Africa  
Preview Campulipus lignatus M S.Africa  
Preview Campulipus rufipennis F S.Africa  
Preview Campulipus rufipennis M S.Africa  
Preview Campulipus suturalis M S.Africa  
Preview Chaetodermina setosa M D.O.Africa  
Preview Clastocnemis colini Cameroon  
Preview Corynotrichius bicolor Cameroon  
Preview Corynotrichius bicolor M Cameroon  
Preview Elpidus hopei F S.Africa  
Preview Gnorimus armeniacus M Turkey  
Preview Gnorimus bartelsi Turkey  
Preview Gnorimus bartelsi F Turkey  
Preview Gnorimus decempunctatus F Sicilia  
Preview Gnorimus nobilis F Europe  
Preview Gnorimus nobilis M Europe  

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