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Preview Insect Origin Size
Preview Coarebus hascheki Laos 4 mm
Preview Coarebus hastanus Laos 11 mm
Preview Coarebus salvazai Laos 10 mm
Preview Coarebus sidae lucens Laos 10 mm
Preview Coarebus spathatus Laos 8 mm
Preview Coarebus suaneki Laos 14 mm
Preview Coarebus violaceipennis Laos 12 mm
Preview Coraebus spectabilis Laos 14 mm
Preview Cyphogasra javanica Kur Is. 27 mm
Preview Dicerca corrugata vitalisi Laos 19 mm
Preview Dicercomorpha interrupta Ambon Is 23 mm
Preview Galaeua walkeri Moa Is. 31 mm
Preview Haplotrinchus inaequalis Ambon Is. 14 mm
Preview Iridotaenia auripennis Mentawai Is. 27 mm
Preview Iridotaenia chrysostoma Sumatra 15 mm
Preview Iridotaenia tonkinea Laos 20 mm
Preview Iridotaenia tonkinea Laos 26 mm
Preview Lampetis aspasia F Africa Bondei  
Preview Lampetis bottegoi M Kilimandjaro  
Preview Lampetis catolasia F Somalia  

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