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Preview Insect Origin Size
  Odontolabis dalmani subita Siberut Island 50-72 mm
  Odontolabis gazella Sumatra 33-39 mm
Preview Penichrolucanus sp.M ? Borneo  
Preview Prismognathus sp.? China 30 mm
  Prosopocoilus forceps Sumatra 34-49 mm
Preview Prosopocoilus forcipatus M Sumatra  
  Prosopocoilus fruhstorferi neervoorti Sumbawa Island 35-48 mm
  Prosopocoilus giraffa borobudur Bali 68 mm
Preview Prosopocoilus gracilis M China  
Preview Prosopocoilus maculatus M Cameroon  
  Prosopocoilus occipitalis Siberut Island 30-46 mm
  Prosopocoilus sericeus Sumatra 21-25 mm
  Prosopocoilus sericeus
Sumatra 23 mm
  Prosopocoilus sericeus siberutensis Siberut Island 28 mm
Preview Sphaenognathus spinifer M Colombia  

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