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Preview Insect Origin Size
  Dorcus titanus Sumatra 84-86 mm
Preview Dorcus urocephalus M Sulawesi  
Preview Eulepidius luridus Sumatra 16 mm
Preview Figulus cicatricosus M India  
Preview Gnaphalorix tonkinensis M Vietnam  
Preview Gnaphaloryx opacus Sumatra,Bali 25-34 mm
  Hexarthrius parryi Sumatra 79-86 mm
  Lamprima adolphinae Irian 37-44 mm
Preview Lamprima latrelei M Australia  
Preview Leptinopterus bicolor M Brasil  
Preview Leptinopterus burmeisteri M Brasil  
Preview Leptinopterus consimilis M Brasil  
Preview Leptinopterus melanarius M Brasil  
Preview Lissotes sp.M Australia  
Preview Lissotes sp.M Australia  
Preview Lissotes sp.M ? Australia  
Preview Lucanus szetchuanicus F China  
Preview Lucanus szetchuanicus M China  
Preview Neolucanus montanus M Vietnam  
Preview Odontolabis belicosa Bali 53-67 mm

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